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Wake Up

09 Sep 2022

I launch my first blog on my birthday and will try and share something relevant once a month. Over the past few years the most important lesson I’ve learned is don’t let anybody make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of its own medicine, it’s just not worth losing yourself. I have realized no matter how expensive your house is, how flashy your car or even how big your bank account is, our graves will be the same size. People will throw stones at you but there is no need to throw them back, collect them all and build an empire. When toxic people can’t control you, they will try to control how others see you. The misinformation will be unfair, you will be judged but stay above it all, trusting that other people will eventually see the truth. A good life requires positivity, because positive thoughts sparks extraordinary results. Look at me I was 16 years old and washed dirty dishes in a restaurant to make a living. My dad’s first job was as a bus conductor when he entered England in an era of racism barely speaking the English language and just two pounds in his pocket. I credit him for the great values he instilled into us, which today keep us grounded. He taught us the satisfaction of being self-made and knowing you can rise and fall at any time but to never give up. He taught us that Success would come through failure and the motivation to continue, even after failing a 100 times so long as the enthusiasm wasn’t lost. (I am sure he picked that up from a Winston Churchill quote) We all celebrate in success but we should also thank our failures for teaching us what not to do and making us wiser. People ask me the secret to success there is no secret or proven formula to success but one thing is for sure nothing can beat persistence and consistency.

This birthday I have decided to dedicate more time and efforts towards philanthropy and since there are endless causes one can help, my causes being homeless children. They are our future but exposed and vulnerable living on the streets of India. I have created a music video, releasing shortly to show the sorry state of homeless children in India. We have over 20 million street children in India of which 500,000 children are forced into the sex trade annually, we have over 17 million child labourers in India that’s the highest in the world. I welcome you all to help me in helping others by donating generously to The shilpa shetty foundation. Every penny raised will go into helping these needy children have a better life.

*Note this blog is completely MY opinion and is not meant to offend anyone. If it does offend you well sorry its nothing personal but don’t try and judge me without knowing me.